Monday, June 11, 2007

Wyoming Whitewater Championships 06

Cottonwood rapid at nearly double the regular flow. If you look hard you can see a boater on the wave.

Well the Wyoming Whitewater Championships has always been a fun comepetition it is usually held at Taco Hole but last year in 06' we just so happen to have nearly 4 times the flow that taco hole needs. The Snake was pumping at a boom 20,000 cfs and the Comp was held on waves in the Cottonwood Rapids.
A boater Cross was held on the Greys River at nearly flood stage. The river was pumping but pretty fun. The competition was tight and current Junior World Champion, Evan Garcia, Came out on top in every Junior event.

Me running Snaggletooth on the Greys

Erik Johnson on Snaggletooth

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