Monday, June 11, 2007

Rio Alsaseca

Pictures by Dave Zinn.

While in the state of Veracruz, we completed one of the best creek runs I have ever done. The name of the river is the Rio Alsaseca and it has been in a few videos including No Big Names II, and I believe Burning time as well as Hotel Charley II. The whole river is jam packed with huge drops ranging from nice slides to monsterous clean waterfalls. The section we did is known as the roadside section. It was a steep pool drop bedrock huckfest. It started out with a nice 20 footer with a tricky lead in.

After the 20, there was a sweet double drop a confluence and a nice boof. We ran a sweet drop at the confluence it was a 15 footer into a 4 foot crack, it was a super sweet boof but later in the trip i ended up cracking my nose over my paddle on it. The rest of the river was alot of slidy waterfalls.

Somewhere in there was a really fun trip drop. Which inolved a tight squeeze under a log bridge right at the entrance to a little slide into a pillow that regurgitates you out onto an nice little pourover.

Later down the river there was another extremely sick triple drop, then the amazingly epic S-turn rapid. Not many fired it up but when you look at the pictures you will see why. It was neer vertical 13 foot slide with a huge curler droping you 90 degrees to the right into a natural waterslide with 10 foot tall bedrock walls surrounding the channel.

Our super gnar kayak buddy Rafa Ortiz fired it up to show us all how it was done.

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