Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Zambezi

(more pictures soon, slow internet)

The Zambezi has to be my favorite river run. Every rapid is big and stompin but still fairly flushy and safe. Of course there are the crocadiles in the flatwater but that only becomes a problem when you swim. You put in not even a mile below the one and only Victoria Falls. On the way to the put in you pass more baboons then you can count and can even get your boat taken down by porters for super cheap. Not much to complain about.

The run starts out with a super sick surf wave with a big pile in rapid Number 2 and a HUGE stomping wave in Number 3 right up against the cliff wall. Number 4 is the first big rapid on the run which involves you threading the needle between the little hole on the right and the huge hole on the left by doing a move called riding the Dragons Back. It involves riding up onto the top of this huge curler feeding into the huge river left hole but not skirting it to much because you will drop into the little sticky hole on the right. then you drop down and hit huge curling diagonal like NFL lineman. Number 5 has to be my favorite rapid on the river. With two super sick lines. One involves hitting a bunch of giant reactionaries or going for the huge 10 foot boof on river right. The right boof is super sick, kinda shallow but totally worth it.

Rapid Number 6

Number 8 involves dropping into one of the biggest holes of your life. I'd say the Hole is around 8 feet tall maybe taller. Needless to say it is GIGANTIC. (expect pics soon). Number #9 is generally portaged but runable. It is ever bit of V+ and has it's fair share of consiquences. I havent fired it up yet but hoping to by the end of the trip. Number 11 involves a left to right move over a real slammer reactionary trying to push you into the boilest eddy I have ever seen.

12b has on of the sickest waves on the river and once you figure out how to tame it you can get your fair share of air.

Me on one of the lower rapids